Seeing the possibilities for UAS is easy. Making them happen isn’t.

Anyone can dream. We’re doing.

Destined to play a dramatic role in improving our daily lives, UAS-based solutions might one day be as essential as personal computers and smartphones are today. For now, network limitations and unproven reliability create security concerns that require innovative 5G network technologies to overcome. We’re addressing that. We’re doing the advanced experimentation. We’re putting resources into action to address the complex challenges neither government nor technology leaders can solve alone.

Open Generation is evolving the 5G ecosystem through advanced R&D that will accelerate connected-world solutions across industries for public good. We’re stepping up, reaching out, and working together to create a safer world.

The greatest impact for the greater good

Large-scale infrastructure and hard technical solutions associated with UAS over 5G can only be realized with end-to-end development and an interworking of partners from across the ecosystem. That’s why Open Generation brings together industry leaders, innovative start-ups, preeminent academic institutions, and critical standards bodies. Together, we’re driving use cases that have the greatest impact on evolving 5G architectures and facilitating public interest and industrial solutions, such as:

  • Emergency response
  • Indoor inspection and security
  • Static infrastructure inspections
  • Commercial package delivery

Open Generation in action: A 100-mile flight path and research hub

Open Generation is leading the development of an unprecedented aviation range at one of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved test sites. This range will include:

  • Commercial and private 5G networks with evolving architectures
  • 100-mile flight paths over commercial 5G
  • An experimentation hub for BVLOS testing and other advanced experimentation

Through establishment of test ranges, use-case driven experimentation, and the collection of meaningful and trusted data, Open Generation is enabling the critical testing to determine navigation, command and control, detect and avoid, payload capacity, and network management that will accelerate time to market and facilitate other 5G applications.

Accelerating 5G innovation for UAS

By leading radical collaboration, Open Generation is breaking down barriers to market realization. Our early-stage testing has already demonstrated the viability of piloting drones over 5G and collected meaningful data that will inform future use cases and guide the evolution of standards.

By focusing on advanced experimentation, safe operations, reducing time to market, and maintaining U.S. competitiveness within the 5G ecosystem, Open Generation is accelerating critical innovations like:

  • Network demarcation with edge cloud computing
  • Device-to-device communications via side link
  • Interference mitigation
  • Safety needs that demand high-performance requirements
  • Ecosystem diversity

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