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MITRE Engenuity Open Generation 5G Consortium is a 3GPP Market Representation Partner.

BREAKING: MITRE Engenuity Open Generation 5G Consortium Working Groups announce the first four use cases for initial work with Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS). Read on to learn more about the UAS use cases which form the basis of the evaluations, testing, and experimentation completed during the first phase of the consortium’s work.

Download the Open Generation Use Cases Report

Enabling 5G Innovation Leadership Through Use Case-Driven Collaboration

Open Generation brings together diverse technical viewpoints from market leaders, innovative startups, industry associations, academics, and government liaisons. This collaborative effort aims to design, develop, demonstrate, and validate solutions that may be uniquely enabled by 5G capabilities to unlock massive economic value. Areas of impact include:

  • uncrewed aerial systems (UAS)
  • public safety
  • remote healthcare
  • smart cities
  • autonomous vehicles

View the Open Generation position paper to learn more about our use-case-focused approach to solving complex problems through R&D and experimentation, including details on existing work involving UAS over 5G, BVLOS, and operational transformation.

Achieving the Unachievable

Open Generation is dedicated to vetting and equipping private and commercial test ranges to further advance use-case-focused UAS experimentation that leads to real-world solutions.

We launched the nation’s first FAA-designated 5G aviation range for UAS — a 65-square-mile private 5G experimentation hub in New York that will allow BVLOS and long-range experimentation. By establishing advanced testing environments, Open Generation is accelerating UAS standards and the commercial development of UAS-based solutions in the United States.

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A Pipeline for Innovation Through 5G R&D

Holistic UAS Experimentation

Forging a pathway to commercialization by bringing together disparate R&D efforts and creating advanced testing environments.

Accelerated Standardization

Leading the markets with well documented research and respected data from a trusted third-party rooted in ecosystem-wide collaboration to standards organizations like 3GGP.

Flight Path Realization

Conducting experimentation that validates the safety, reliability, and security of UAS flights on a 65-square-mile private 5G aviation range with commercial-grade spectrum and full telemetry.

Commercial Solutions

Advancing critical research in network slicing, spectrum sharing, interference management, and device orchestration to validate BVLOS operations.

Members Leading 5G Innovation

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Government Liaison Program

MITRE Engenuity’s Open Generation 5G Consortium provides members a unique opportunity to engage with Federal government leaders in roundtable discussions. Government liaisons are top-ranking officials with an interest in advancing 5G technology, edge computing, and solutions for the public good.


Become a Member and Drive Generational Impact

  • Advance network technologies that enable shared use, improve efficiency, provide failsafes, and eliminate interference.
  • Accelerate the development and realization of 5G solutions for commercial UAV.
  • Provide proof that remote and unmanned aerial vehicle systems can safely and dependably operate over commercial 5G networks.
  • Develop trusted third-party data that proves the integrity and reliability of 5G for critical use cases.

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